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Tyler Crawford and Kerry Doyle founded Thunder Law to protect the legal rights of the residents of Southern Nevada.  That is why we don’t collect a fee in your Personal Injury case unless you win, and your initial consultation is always free.

When you are injured, the other side will spare no cost to prevent you from getting a fair deal.  That is why you need attorneys that are familiar with the tactics employed by the other side and the laws in Nevada.  With over a decade of experience defending insurance companies and large corporations, Thunder Law knows what it takes to get top dollar out of your case. Tyler and Kerry obtained their legal training and experience in Southern Nevada and have intricate knowledge of the law and the Nevada legal system.

We understand the stress and worry that is associated with facing large medical bills, loss of work, and uncertainty about your future.  That is why we provide both personal and legal support to help you through this tough time.   At Thunder Law, not only is your initial consultation free, but you will actually meet with one of the founding partners.   We will fight to earn the best possible results for your case so that you can feel at ease in a time of worry.

Protect your legal rights and contact us today.  During your free consultation, we will evaluate your case and answer your questions to put your mind at ease.

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